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Bread In Five Words

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How Do Elastic Shoelaces Work?

Elastic shoelaces are becoming increasingly popular for their convenience and ease of use. Elastic shoelaces allow you to slip your shoes on and off without any hassle. 

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Tying Statistics

The average person spends a surprising amount of their life tying shoes. This report reveals the shocking time savings offered by switching to elastic shoelaces.

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Tongue Tied: How Nicholas Prentiss Revolutionized Shoelaces with Bread

Nicholas Prentiss, a descendant of the Wilson Pottery founders and a former Division 1 athlete, founded Bread to address a simple problem: his Nike Blazers took too long to lace....

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For Greatness

What it means to be: Bread, for greatness.

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What is the Bread laces logo?

The "B" logo in the middle of the Bread lace symbolizes “Ten Toes Down.” A popular catchphrase means to devote yourself wholeheartedly to a task. Whenever your Bread laces go...

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Let's Get This Bread

Ran by high-class athletes, the creators of Bread prioritize productivity in their training. Bread has formulated a shoelace that allows the quick exchange of shoes, eliminating the process of unlacing...

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