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Tongue Tied: How Nicholas Prentiss Revolutionized Shoelaces with Bread

Nicholas Prentiss, a descendant of the Wilson Pottery founders and a former Division 1 athlete, founded Bread to address a simple problem: his Nike Blazers took too long to lace....

Nicholas Prentiss is a former division 1 athlete, and descent of Hiram, James, and Wallace Wilson - known to be the founders of the first African American-owned business in the great state of Texas. Nick encountered a seemingly minor yet persistent problem — his Nike Blazers took too long to lace up. This daily ritual, although trivial, was eating into his precious workout time. Nicholas was determined to find a solution.

His athletic background, combined with a keen sense for practical solutions, led to the inception of Bread, a company specializing in elastic shoelaces designed for efficiency. These aren't just any shoelaces; they are a testament to Nicholas's belief in a seamless blend of functionality and convenience. Bread's laces are a unique innovation, saving valuable time while improving the style and comfort of traditional laces.

The journey to launch Bread was marked by meticulous planning, spanning over five months and over 100 pages of detailed strategies. Nicholas faced challenges typical of any startup, yet his perseverance and vision culminated in a successful launch. Today, Bread's elastic shoelaces are not just a product; they symbolize the essence of time-saving innovation, resonating with anyone who values their time as much as their style.

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